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Health Tonic
Health Tonic

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Do you endure the ups and downs of health?  Wonder why you can never break the cycle?  Well  its time for a lifestyle change - and you can beat it with this tea of choice!!  Hit those susceptiple tendneices head on, build a defense againt those bugs that are trying to hold their ground. 

Ingredients: St Marys Thistle Seed, Bluecohosh Root, Chaste Tree Berries, Damiana Aerials, Bupleurum Root, Angelica Root, Peopny root, Ginger Root, Licorice root and Peppermint.

Herbal tea 3g per serve
50g approx. 17 cups
100g approx. 33 cups
250g approx. 83 cups
500g approx. 167 cups
1kg approx. 333 cups